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LibreOffice and Recent Upgrade

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For someone it can be really hard to imagine using a computer without the MS office suite available. However, there are a few people who are not willing to higher amounts for the MS office suite. They want the tools and the functionalities to be made freely available. To cater to this segment of the market, there is LibreOffice – an open source office suite.


Just like any other software, LibreOffice also witnessed an upgrade in its and functionalities. In July 2017, The Document Foundation – the group that manages LibreOffice – announced the last major release of the LibreOffice 5 family. The release was called LibreOffice 5.4 and included highlights such as:

  • The colour palette which now supports the RYB colour model
  • The support for EMF vector images was improved. This way users get better compatibility for detailed diagrams imported from other office suites.
  • The quality of the PDF files that are rendered has also been improved.
  • New set of icons have been introduced.

LibreOffice & New Icons

The new theme of icons introduced into the LibreOffice is very similar to the icons theme of MS Office. So why did LibreOffice use the same icon theme as Microsoft Office and how does it help the users?


  • Makes New Users Comfortable

This move is particularly beneficial for those people who are moving to LibreOffice from MS Office. When users make such kind of switch, it is natural for them to feel disoriented with a new user interface. They can feel lost and out of sorts. The same kind of icon theme will make them feel like they are in a familiar territory.

  • Offer Easy Access

Microsoft’s latest icon theme has been highly appreciated for its ability to make most frequently used functionalities available in a single screen. LibreOffice can use this positive and ensure that users can all access the most used functionalities from the single screen.

  • Keep Things Organized

The MS Office icon theme has a very well thought out grouping of functionalities. This order is something that lets MS Office users be more productive and efficient. The LibreOffice users can benefit from this organization. They won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to dig deep and find out where a certain functionality is hidden.


LibreOffice has been quite user focused in their approach. They have stepped up the ante in making their user’s productivity a top most priority. The release notes for their version 5.4 and the new upgrades prove this.

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