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4 Installation Errors for PHPList

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You can either download the soft and operate it from your own server or you can get a hosted account with their website.

PHPlist’s customer reviews show that it is highly preferred for email campaigns. However, there are some errors that might crop up when installing the program on your own server. Here is how you can deal with them.


  • Problem with Confirmation Emails

As a process, the confirmation emails are sent out after subscription. However, it may happen that despite subscription, the confirmation emails are not being sent. This usually happens when you have done a manual installation of the soft and are still in test mode. Here what you can do is look for the line define (“TEST”,0); and replace 0 with 1. This will solve your error.

  • Problem with Newsletters

Another common error encountered by many people is that when they click on a list they see the message that says no newsletters are available. This happens even when the list is activated and it shows on the subscribe page. A good way to work around this is to create a new page by using the subscribe pages feature of the admin. Once you have created a new page associate it with the list that you have activated. This will solve the error.


  • Problem with Visual of a Page

A lot of people complain that even if they have a list up and running, the subscribe pages look extremely ugly. However, if you have the admin rights, then you can edit and the look and feel of the subscribe page. You can copy the code of a standard page of your website up to the point where text starts and paste it in the header section of the subscribe page. Similarly copy the remaining code of your standard website page after the text ends and paste it in the footer section. This way you will have a subscribe page that resembles the look and feel of your website.

  • Problem with Blacklisted Emails

When a person unsubscribes, the email ID is added to the blacklist. However, if the person re-subscribes after this, then the user experience can be awful. To rectify this, you can just access the database and remove the ID from two blacklist tables (user_blacklist and user_blacklist_data).


Just like any other software, PHPList may have some installation glitches. But the easily available support and the community resources make it easy to address the glitches and get going quickly.

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