September 27, 2022

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is the most manufactured single-engine training aircraft in the history of commercial aviation and is possibly the most popular in the world. They have a capacity for four passengers. Until 2012, more than 43,000 aircraft had been produced.
The model has undergone very few modifications since it was released in 1956. Later versions included a revised landing gear, the rear of the plane was lowered, and a window was installed in the stern. In the decade of the 60s, the tail was modified, staying until today and since then, it has undergone very few updates in the avionics, in the motorization and the Garmin G1000 glass cabin was included.

In the 80s, the production of this versatile aircraft was stopped, but it was reactivated in 1986 with the Cessna 172R and Cessna 172SP models with 120 kW (160 hp) and 135 kW (180 hp) of power respectively. The first models of the 172, were dispatched with a Continental O-300 engine of 110 kW (145 hp). Later versions used Lycoming O-360 135 kW (180 hp). Also, there are some copies with Franklin engines of 164 kW (220 hp).
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